Pork, Sauerkraut and Dumplings

8 Nov

This recipe was handed down from my mother-in-law. It is a comfort food for my husband, who remembers it fondly from his childhood.  I have to admit, I had never heard of sauerkraut and dumplings, and I wasn’t sure about it.  After trying it at my in law’s house, I had a change of heart.  This stuff is pretty good, and, it’s way outside my comfort zone, which, for me, makes it even better.,



– 4 boneless pork chops, 4 oz each

– 1 cup original bisquick mix

– 1/3 cup 1% milk

– Chicken broth, 1 1/2 cups

– 4 cups, or 1 bag of sauerkraut, with juice

– Salt and pepper to taste



1. Mix Sauerkraut and chicken broth in a crock pot.

2. Salt and pepper pork chops, and add to crock pot, on top of sauerkraut mixture.

3. Cook on low 5-7 hours.

4. Remove pork from crockpot. Pour sauerkraut mixture into a large pan (with lid) and place on the stove, on medium heat until nearly boiling.

5. Mix bisquick and milk in a bowl.  Divide mixture evenly into 4 segments, and use a spoon to drop each one into the pot.

6. Allow dumplings to cook for 10 minutes uncovered.   Cover with lid and continue cooking and additional 10 minutes.

7. Serve Pork with 1 dumpling, and 1/4 remaining sauerkraut.


*Note: this is delicious with mashed potatoes


Makes 4 Servings: 408 Calories per serving

Approximately 11 Weight watchers points plus



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