Grilled corn on the cob

30 Apr

– cobs of corn, as many as you like
– cold water
– spray butter (fat free)
– sea salt
– fresh cracked pepper (opt)


1. Pull husks down to base of cob, exposing silks, without removing husks completely.

2. Remove silks and throw them away.

3. Pull husks back up onto corn, as tight as you can get it.

4. Fill a large bowl, or clean sink with cold water. Place corn cobs in water. Submerge and soak 20 minutes.

5. Heat grill to medium heat. Place cobs, in husks, on the grill. The husks might smoke, or even catch fire. That’s ok.

6. Allow corn to cook about 20 min, turning every 5 min or so. Until kernels feel tender and are easily punctured with a fork.

7. If corn does not have the char marks to your satisfaction, remove husks and place directly on grill to char.

8. Spray cobs with butter, and top with sea salt and pepper.

1 ear= 130 calories


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