Welcome to “Mommy’s on a Diet”

12 May

Hi There!  So, welcome to my blog! (That was for both me and you…since this is my first time blogging).  If you’re here, following me… well, i hope i can provide something valuable for you now and then.  This blog has been designed for me to document my weightloss journey as a working mom, who spends a lot of time in restaurants, hotels and airports.  This started when my husband and I joined a weight loss competition in January, 2013, and lost about 25 lbs in 11 weeks.  This is my place to document the continuation of that journey.  I love to cook, and have been trying lots of great new recipes since “lightening up” our lifestyle.  We’ve also started working out at the local Y, which I enjoy more than I ever expected I would.  So I’ll be posting things like Recipes, Favorite restaurant foods, exercise plans, and general updates on my progress… the good, the bad, and… the tasty 🙂 

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