Panera Bread- Where you can get a real meal, for under 300 calories!

7 May

Panera Bread is a dieters paradise, as far as healthy options are concerned.  Their “you pick 2” menu allows you to have some variety, and indulge in 2 different items without feeling guilty.  Of course, you can also go VERY wrong with this approach, but…  by visiting their website ahead of time, and checking out your options, you can really make some great decisions and not feel like you’ve been cheated on flavor.  Below are some of the great combos that i most often eat at Panera.  Add an apple for your “side” for only about 90 calories more!

First, a word about my 2 “go to” items when i want to have something a little naughtier from the “pick 2” menu.  Chicken Noodle soup, and the Classic Salad.  These 2 items are so calorie-friendly, that they allow me to really endulge in my second item.  Keep them in mind if you want to splurge on a calorie-packed sandwich.

My Favorite Panera Bread “You Pick 2” combos

(add 90 calories if you add an apple for your side)


Chicken Noodle Soup + Classic Salad= 210 Calories                       

Chicken Noodle Soup + Greek Salad= 310 Calories  

Black Bean Soup + Greek Salad= 350 Calories

Tomato Basil Soup + Classic Salad= 410 Calories

French Onion Soup+ Asian Sesame chicken Salad= 430 Calories

Chicken Noodle Soup + roasted turkey, white cheddar, Apple panini= 510 Calories

Tomato Basil Soup + Greek Salad= 510 Calories

Chicken Frontega Sandwich + Classic Salad= 510 Calories


NOTE: All salads include dressing, and nutritional info was taken directly from the panera website.

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