Grocery Store Fabulous Finds!

16 Aug

This page will be an ever-evolving Post. Meaning. I’m going to put it out there now, with the items I have currently on my mind, and add to it periodically as I find new exciting finds at the grocery store. Please check back regularly when you’re looking for inspiration at the grocery 🙂


1. Tumaro’s 60 Calorie Tortillas! There are lots of low-carb tortillas available on the market now. Some of them are very low calorie, and others are not. Here’s one particular brand that has less than half the calories of a tratitional flour tortilla the same size. I bought these at a Meijer store, but they may sell the same ones at a national chain near you!


2. Plain Greek Yogurt: I know this is very “in fashion” right now. Greek yogurt is all the rage. But, i’ve found so many great ways to use it that really do shave off a LOT of calories. For instance, when i’m making a recipe that calls for heavy cream, I use a mixture of 1% milk and greek yogurt instead. I never buy sour cream anymore, for anything. Plain greek yogurt tastes almost identical, and it’s far lower in calories. I use it to make dipping sauces that would typically take mayo or sour cream. it’s very versatile, and has become a staple in our house. My favorites are Fage and Chobani. Whatever you do, don’t eat it straight! It doesn’t taste like “yogurt” it tastes like sour cream!

3. Ballpark lean beef hotdogs: these are a really low calorie alternative to a traditional hot dog, and I think they bring a lot more flavor to the party than their turkey dog counterparts. 80 cal each.

hot dog


4. Baked Cheetos

I’m a sucker for these guys, and I swear I can’t tell the difference anymore between baked and traditional. For the record, I can’t stand baked potato chips… But these are really very close to the “real thing.”



5. Light Butter

Who knew! I was so excited when I found this! Just 50 cal per tablespoon. 1/2 the calories of regular butter.


6. 10 calorie Sodas

I’ve always had a hard time with diet soda. I I just can’t. I like the “zero” line better than diet, but this line of 10 calorie sodas is my favorite by far! They taste almost exactly like the “real” thing, and are much better than any no calorie option I’ve ever tried. I’ve seen them in: sunkist orange, dr pepper, 7 up, RC cola, Canada Dry ginger ale, and root beer. My favs: Dr Pepper and Canada Dry!


7. Minute Rice Multi Grain

This mixture of several varieties of rice, and quinoa is easy to make, and lower in calories than regular rice. It’s pretty bland if you just boil it plain, but throw a chicken bullion cube in the pot with the water and you’re in business!


8. slow churned ice cream! This version by Edys has only 110-120 cal per half cup which is about a scoop. This butter pecan is one of my favorite flavors, along with mint Oreo. The vanilla bean is also great.. I’m sure they are all delicious! 


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