Spinach and Swiss chicken

21 Feb

I adapted this recipe from one of my family’s favorites, chicken cordon bleu. I prepared all the ingredients to make cordon bleu tonight, before discovering that my husband had eaten all the ham! This was a great chance to improvise, so I did!


– 6 Thin sliced Chicken Breasts (appx 3 oz each)

– salt and pepper

– garlic powder to taste

– 2 egg whites

– 2 tbsp water

– 1 1/4 cups italian seasoned breadcrumbs

– 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (optional, mix with bread crumbs)

– 1 cup baby fresh spinach leaves

– 6 slices swiss cheese (peppridge farm thin slices)


1. Preheat oven to 450. Spray a large non-stick baking pan with PAM.

2. wash and dry the chicken, and season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

3. Lay the chicken flat on a plate, and lay a layer of spinach leaves, and a slice of cheese down the center of each breast.

4. Mix egg whites with 2 tbsp water. Set aside in a dish.

5. Tightly roll chicken breasts until spinach and cheese are tightly rolled in the center.

6. Holding the chicken “roll” tightly together, dip chicken into egg, and then coat with breadcrumbs.

7. Place chicken seam side down on baking dish.

8. Spray tops of chicken lightly with PAM, and bake 25 min.

6 servings= 280 calories each

Appx 8 weight watchers points plus per serving




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