Restaurant Finds- Outback Steakhouse

3 May

I LOVE Outback steakhouse. It’s delicious, and they have SO MANY great healthy choices. I eat here a lot, because I travel a lot, and if you want to eat healthy, unfortunately chain restaurants who publish their nutritional information are the safest bet. Here’s what I love. Some of these are items I can “afford” any day, and others are items I have to “save” for, but here’s what I’m eating at outback!

Chicken On the Barbie with Steamed Veggies- —401 calories

Outback Special 6 oz Sirloin with 2 sides of Steamed Veggies (yes, I like them THAT much) —447 Calories

Outback Special 6 oz Sirloin with steamed veggies and house salad/ tomato dressing —566 Calories

Tilapia with lump Crab Meat with Steamed Veggies —615 calories

Outback Special + Coconut Shrimp with 2 orders of Steamed Veggies —690 Calories

Luxury Items

Bloomin Onion (1/4th) no sauce— 489 calories

Coconut Shrimp Appetizer-Full order,with sauce— 416 calories

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